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Beacon House - Living with Complex Trauma: How to survive and thrive after chronic stress


What is the event?

Individuals who have experienced repeated trauma, stress, loss and harm throughout their lives can find themselves deeply affected in a number of ways. These ways might include:

•Feeling alone and very frightened

•Feeling guilty and ashamed of who they are

•Struggling to sleep, losing their appetite, or eating much more than usual

•Struggling to go to work

•Struggling to have healthy, stable relationships

•Turning to risky ways of coping, such as self-harm, or using drugs and alcohol

•Having symptoms of traumatic stress such as nightmares and flashback

These difficulties are called ‘Complex Trauma’, and many people suffer in silence, believing that they were somehow responsible for the harmful things that happened to them, or that the difficulties that they have now are shameful.

At Beacon House we work with many adults who have survived Complex Trauma. We have seen men and women travel from a place of desperation and hopelessness to a place of empowerment, repair and hope.

This gentle, welcoming and sensitive one-off workshop is for adults who have suffered repeated trauma and stress in their life, and who recognise the signs above in themselves. The workshop is led by a specialist Clinical Psychologist, Dramatherapist; and is co-delivered with two inspirational experts-by-experience; who have come through the profound challenges of living with Complex Trauma.

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