Beacon House - How to combat low mood in your child


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Parenting a troubled child can be a very stressful experience. There is an overwhelming need to understand what is going on for your child, and most importantly, to support them in the best ways possible. Whilst there are no ‘magic answers’, often knowing a little more about the emotional difficulty your child is facing, and exploring different strategies to support them can be incredibly helpful.

Parent Seminar: How to combat low mood in your child Children as young as 5 or 6 can experience low mood, and in adolescents persistent low mood is increasingly becoming an obstacle to becoming a happy, thriving young adult. This seminar takes a fresh look at what mood difficulties across childhood looks like, and discusses ways that parents can help their child to combat low mood.

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  • Beacon House (Mental Health)
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    01444 413 939

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    The Studio at Beacon House, Ground Floor,
    The Old Hospital, Chapelfields, Ardingly Road,
    RH17 5JR