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5 Ways to Wellbeing - A self-care tool for the whole family -VIRTUAL EVENT


What is the event?

5 Ways to Wellbeing – a self-care tool for the whole family

Wellbeing for everyone, everyday.

5 ways to wellbeing is a simple tool that can be used by every member of your family, of all ages to boost their wellbeing, whatever the circumstances. It is a simple, evidence-based way to bring self-care into the heart of your family, track progress and access a wide range of resources for health, happiness and balance.

This online session aims to encourage family wellbeing during a period where we are socially distancing.

West Sussex MIND celebrates and welcomes all families to join in, including LGBTU+, foster carer's, grandparents and friends. We will do some fun and interactive exercises to build confidence, self-awareness and stress management that we can easily do at home. Everyone will choose their own 5 ways self-care tool, including activities to do by yourself and to enjoy together as a family.

We want to make this a positive experience for all participants. If you have particular access needs (for example visual impairment, dyslexia, etc) please contact us at the following email so we can work together to get you as good an experience as we can.

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07943 999 792

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Virtual Learning Event,
Delivered via Zoom,
BN17 5EY