Youth Mental Health First Aid Awareness - VIRTUAL LEARNING EVENT


What is the event?

Youth Mental Health First Aid Awareness

Youth Mental Health Aware is an introductory session and is aimed at anyone, over the age of 16, who is working or living with young people aged 8-18 or thereabouts.

It is part of the internationally recognised and evidence based MHFA England portfolio of training programmes and is designed to give an understanding of some of the common mental health issues affecting young people and the confidence to start conversations with young people about mental health and to support a young person in distress or who may be experiencing a mental health issue.

As a temporary measure during the coronavirus crisis, learning can take place virtually and will include:

Factors which affect the mental health of young people (including stigma) The mental health continuum and how it applies to young people Self-harm and suicide Signs and symptoms of mental ill-health in young people To recognise the important links between resilience, emotional needs and demands on time be they family or work/school/friendship responsibilities To understand that change and adversity can often create opportunities Stress and stress management Hand model of the brain Take 10 Together toolkit for supporting young people Starting a supportive conversation using the Take Ten Together Toolkit Signposting Safeguarding Recovery Working with case studies Helpful resources

There is a small fee payable of £5 to help cover our costs.

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