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Asc and Gaming Addiction - Virtual Learning Event


What is the event?

Gaming Addiction

Delivered by Aspens on behalf of West Sussex Mind

Over the past 30 years, gaming has been one of the fastest growing industries and become a multibillion pound business, taking over other entertainment industries such as film and music. Its popularity has grown to a point where over 95% of children have become gamers.

In recent years this has led to a large number of children spending hours a day on their phones, PCs or consoles. This has caused many people to become addicted to gaming and this is something that has now been officially recognised by the World Health Organisation as a condition. Research suggests that people with autism are more likely to become addicted to gaming.

This workshop provides parents and carers with an understanding of why games can be addictive, especially for people with autism, the warning signs to look out for (including which games are more addictive) and provide strategies to prevent addiction and how you can help if you think that your child has become addicted.

The workshop covers: • Information about the industry • Autism and gaming addiction • Gaming, behaviours and addiction • Warning signs • What you can do

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