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Meltdowns and Shutdowns - VIRTUAL EVENT


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This workshop is delivered by Aspie Trainers, a project which supports autistic adults to design and deliver engaging, high quality autism training which mixes thorough and up-to-date research and theory with the practical lived experiences of the trainers themselves.

This is a 2 hour virtual workshop for parents, carers and family members of children and young people.

By the end of this workshop students will be able to:

Explain the difference between a meltdown, a shutdown and a temper tantrum Identify how having a meltdown or shutdown commonly impacts on an autistic person Understand the factors which contribute to autistic people experiencing meltdowns and/or shutdowns Explore ways to reduce the likelihood of meltdowns or shutdowns Identify ways to support autistic people during and after meltdowns and shutdowns

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07943 999 792

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Virtual Learning Event,
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