'Talking Heads' - Gaming and Addiction - with Chris Foster of Aspens


What is the event?

✨Is your son or daughter addicted to gaming? Do they spend most of their time in their bedroom? Do you get into daily battles asking them to do something other than gaming? In society today gaming is a fact of life for many children and young people, especially those demonstrating characteristics of Autism, it is not all negative, in fact for many they learn to build confidence, problem solve, plan and socialise online.

✨It is a fact that gaming in all forms (including PCs, tablets and phones) can be extremely addictive. This workshop is designed to help parents and carers understand how much gaming affects a young person’s brain, how vulnerable they are to game developers and online predators. We hope to teach parents and carers how to strike a fair balance between encouraging interests and strengths with inflexible and addictive behaviour patterns, which can be potentially risky.

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