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The impact of RIX Wikis for SEN & Disability 2017


What is the event?

A presentation of emerging research findings showing the impact of RIX Wikis in making SEND provision more efficient. Led by Professor Andy Minnion with Richard Lohan, Accessible Information Officer from the London Borough of Camden.

Our research is highlighting improvements in Communication and Advocacy PLUS Cost Savings and Efficiencies that Local Authorities from our community of practice have realised through the adoption of Multimedia Advocacy and RIX Wikis.

This webinar will look at our key findings that include:

• How Local Authorities are using RIX Wikis to provide Accessible Information, signposting people to services and information to complement and improve the Local Offer.

• How RIX Wikis have improved Communication between providers and families, meeting SEND Reform aspirations for less adversarial interaction between families and local authorities with reduced disputes and tribunals.

• How further Efficiencies and Cost Savings are being achieved through improved administration and a reduced need for meetings and paperwork. Click Here to register for our free Webinar. Click Here to join on the day

RIX Research & Media has been pioneering inclusive and co-produced technology to put people with disabilities and their families in control of their information, helping them to share their needs and aspirations for over 15 years.

RIX Research & Media is engaged with a range of inclusive research projects across the UK, Europe and the USA in addition to working with 20 Local Authorities in the United Kingdom.

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