Page Updated: 31st March 2021

Reaching Families and Amaze have worked in partnership to produce a series of informative materials written by parent-carers for parent carers. These include a series of factsheets on specific conditions designed to be used by parent-carers when they receive their child's diagnosis. This information will help parents get a better understanding of their child's condition and understand what support is available to them locally.

Please note:

  • The factsheets have been reviewed by NHS clinicians.
  • Parent-carers were involved at all stages of the editorial process.

    Header image from Factsheet - showing title (Autism) and Update in 2019

    Visit Reaching Families website for more factsheets

    What is autism?

    Characteristics of autism

    Causes of autism and types of therapies

    Local information and support

    National information and support

    Aspie Trainers have produced some videos as part of West Sussex Minds parents and guardians training programme.

    'Autism in Girls'. The video talks about:

  • how women and girls on the Autistic Spectrum present differently to boys.
  • the diagnostic challenges for women and girls that can lead to misdiagnosis and late diagnosis.
  • why women and girls on the autistic spectrum are more likely to mask their differences and how masking can impact mental health.
  • suggestions to empower and support women and girls with ASC

    For questions please contact [email protected]

    'Meltdowns and shutdowns'. The video talks about:

  • the difference between a meltdown, a shutdown and a temper tantrum
  • how having a meltdown or shutdown commonly impacts on an autistic person
  • the factors which contribute to autistic people experiencing meltdowns and/or shutdowns
  • ways to reduce the likelihood of meltdowns or shutdowns in your professional context
  • ways to support autistic people during and after meltdowns and shutdowns

  • Anxiety in Autism is an evidence based guide to help understand how anxiety impacts those with Autism.

    • Joe Faulty along with the National Children's Bureau (NCB) has created a podcast in which Joe talks about his experience of growing up with Autism. Go to the NCB website to watch the video

    Ambitious About Autism – national charity for children and young people with autism. They also have a free toolkit which is a resource designed to help parents and carers of young children with autism to navigate their journey in the early years.

    Making Sense of it All – Reaching Families' handy parent/carer guide contains information and advice on benefits, support for your child at school, getting help from social services and accessing social & leisure activities

    Disability Living Allowance (DLA) – your child may qualify for DLA, a state benefit that will help with their care. More information on DLA.

    National Autistic Society – Helpline tel: 0808 800 4104.