Examples of the good practice

In West Sussex we are keen to celebrate the work that is underway to support children and young people with SEND.

A range of examples are shown here:

  • The video below was developed by West Sussex County Council and has a range of educational professionals talking about what inclusions is like within their school.
  • Preparation for Adulthood Event (March 2017) West Sussex County Council

  • SEND Hub Newsletter (November, 2016)

  • Therapies in Schools [TIS] Pilot Project The Therapies In Schools (TIS) pilot project has been developed to strengthen and support the relationship between the NHS Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Teams, and the learning curriculum within three special schools. The vision is that the TIS project will enable schools, families and therapists to work in partnership to deliver life learning outcomes that blend the child's educational aspirations with their therapeutic needs.

  • Working Memory Memory Magic is an intervention designed to help children with working memory difficulties cope better in class. Participants in an action research project to evaluate its effectiveness talk to Alison Thomas about the outcomes