Compliments, Complaints and Comments

What should I do if I have concerns, or do not agree with the Local Authority?

The SEND Information, Advice and Support Service has put together a leaflet to help you when communicating with professionals. Download a pdf of the leaflet 'Communicating With Professionals Leaflet'.

Keep Talking with your Planning Co-ordinator:

There are different ways to address concerns with, or decisions made by the Local Authority. Working with the Local Authority to put this plan together is important to ensure the most effective outcomes for your family are included. Keep talking with your Planning Co-ordinator from the SEN Assessment Team (SENAT) if there is anything that you are confused about or do not agree with. If necessary, ask for a further meeting to discuss your concerns and to see if they can be resolved.

Mediation services

If you still feel that there are unresolved concerns or decisions that you are not happy with following on from communications with SENAT, you may like to consider mediation. In fact, even if you have already lodged an appeal to the Tribunals Service, it is still worth trying mediation to see if any agreements can be reached with the Local Authority without the need to go through the Tribunals Service.

When cases go to court the decision is out of your hands, with mediation you decide on the final outcome. The Local Authority’s arrangements for providing mediation is currently through a company called ‘Global Mediation’. If you would like to go ahead with mediation, then please inform your Planning Co-ordinator who can make the arrangements for this to happen. If you would like someone to help you think through what you may like to say at the mediation meeting, and to support you at the meeting if needed, then please call the SEND Information, Advice and Support Service on 0330 222 8555 or click here to visit their Local Offer Service page.

Under the new legislation you will be required to at least talk to a Mediation Adviser before going to tribunal. If after talking with the Mediation Adviser you still wish to lodge an appeal to the tribunal service, you will need to ask for a certificate from this person in order to do so.

Special Educational Needs Tribunal Service

As someone using services you have certain rights, that the service is legally obliged to provide. This includes the right to appeal decisions made by the council through the Special Educational Needs Tribunal Service and mediation services. For further information please click here.