Advocacy and your voice within your EHCP

Central to a good Education, Health and Care Plan is ensuring that the views of the Children, Young People and Parents have been collected.

The reason for ensuring the views are collected is to:

  • gain the views, wishes and needs of the child or young person, in order to have a better understanding of how to support them and agree meaningful outcomes;
  • get to know the child/young person in a holistic way if we are to involve them in their development;
  • promote their independence;
  • enable them to take ownership of their support with or without an Education, Health and Care Plan;
  • keep the child/young person at the heart of our work!

    This happens at key stages:

  • Education Health and Care Needs Assessment: supporting children and young people to contribute to a request for assessment
  • Annual Reviews: Children and young people being involved within their annual review.

    Services to support you

    1. Talk with your planning co-ordinator within the Special Educational Needs Assessment Team (SENAT).
    2. If you need any further support then contact SEND Information, Advice and Support Service.

    Resources & Tools

  • Wiki
  • Maps and Paths
  • Top Tips for Participation Written by Making Ourselves Heard
  • Involve Me - 'The Involve Me' summary booklet explains the different ways of working with people who often get left out because we can find it difficult to understand their communication, or are worried about getting it wrong.