Further Education

Please see below the list of various of FE colleges in and around West Sussex. You may also be aware that there are schools in West Sussex offering 6th Form which may be more appropriate for some at this stage.

FE College Contact
Chichester College Karen Hopkins, Additional Learning Support
Brinsbury College Fiona Stratton
Crawley College Jeanne Allen
Worthing College Helen Elswood, Student Advice & Support Manager
Haywards Heath
Northbrook Metropolitan College Fenella Potterton, Additional Support Manager
Collyer’s College Helen Mayer-Dean, Head of Study Support and Counselling

Making decisions:

  • Look online or contact the college to find out what courses they are running as this changes from year to year.
  • You can speak to an advisor at the Find It Out Centre in your area or to a SENDIAS Young Person Advisor to find out more about what is available after 16.

    Other local provision:

    Further Support:

    As well as supporting parents of children with SEND, the SEND Information Advice and Support Service also supports children and young people directly to express their views, wishes and aspirations. Children and young people can ring the helpline on 0330 222 8555 and ask to speak to a Young Person Adviser, or email us on [email protected].
    After the first contact, it is also possible to communicate with us by text message or What’s App.

    View our leaflet for more information about how we support young people and children