Person Centred Planning (PCP): Circle of Friends

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Circle of Friends is a technique that can be used to increase the inclusion of a child or young person. The approach works particularly well in mainstream primary or secondary schools.

Circle of Friends is about building a peer network to support a challenging or vulnerable child / young person who may be experiencing difficulties in forming friendships perhaps due to a disability, behavioural, social or emotional development need. Download and View the guide here

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Creating a Circle of Friends - Why create a circle of friends?

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Impact of Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends is all about relationships and recognising the power of the peer group. Circle of Friends can be effectively used to:

  • Prevent pupil isolation and victimisation

  • Reduce challenging behaviour - avoiding the need to permanently exclude

  • Develop self-awareness and increase insight of how others view the world

  • Support a new pupil or a child / young person returning to school

  • Build a support network around a person