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Analysis of the upper and Lower age boundary of provision on our Local Offer 2017

The graph shows that there are 120 services that begin supporting children from zero. Following this there is another peak at four, sixteen and then eighteen. There are no ‘new services’ available for those 22-25. There is one new service available at 21 which is the fostering service.

This graph shows that the through the age group of 0-25 a large number of services do stop at age 25. The introduction of the SEND Code of Practice 2014 meant that many of the statutory services had to extend to 25 from 18. There is then another peak at 18, 16, 11, and 5 (descending order). Please note this information doesn't include all the services on the Local Offer as some continue past 25 (e.g. universal services).

Where your young person meets these point we would recommend that you speak to the providers and anyone supporting your family about the professionals supporting your family on further provision.

This year we will be working on sharing a table listing various services involved with a family entitled to "continuing health care". Within the table we will include when services stop and start to support the transition.

Please note we do ask providers and services enter in the age they support children and young people. This is however optional.