Consultation Forms Regarding Admission

Governors Consultation Form regarding admission for a child/young person with an EHCP/Statement

Under current legislation the Authority is required to comply with the parent/carer/young person’s request for an educational placement if, on consideration of the views expressed by those consulted, the Authority determines that the placement is appropriate. The final decision as to whether to name the educational setting falls to the Authority.

An educational setting cannot refuse to admit a child/young person solely because he or she has special educational needs. Maintained schooling cannot be refused on the grounds that it is perceived to not be possible to cater for the child’s/young person’s needs in the maintained sector. The only acceptable reason for refusing a placement in a maintained school is if the placement would not be compatible with the efficient education of other pupils, and there are no reasonable steps that can be taken to prevent this incompatibility - this is only likely to be in very few exceptional cases.

Therefore in line with current legislation educational settings must demonstrate how they would make reasonable adjustments to include the child/young person.

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