Parents/carers information - privacy policy

Special Educational Needs Assessment Team.

Parent/Carer and Young Person Guidance Note – How we use and keep your information.

The SEN Assessment Team must follow the data protection principals in the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when collecting and using information about you or your child.

The legislation requires us to be fair and transparent with people when collecting and using their personal information. The way we aim to do this is by using a Privacy Notice, which explains why we collect your personal data, the legal reason for doing so, how it may be used, who it may be shared with and how long it may be held. You can read the entire Privacy Notice here

Information provided to the SEN Assessment Team:

The SEN Assessment Team use information to:

• co-ordinate an education, health and care needs assessment,

• to secure appropriate support for your child or young person, and,

• to monitor and review the progress your child or young person is making.

Personal data is processed because it is necessary in order to comply with the Authority’s legal obligations and to enable it to perform tasks carried out in the public interest.

Services engaging with your child and conducting assessments to contribute to the EHC Assessment or Annual Review will always seek your permission to engage directly with your child. They will have their own consent agreements and processes.

Please be assured we only use information about you or your child to deliver to our responsibilities. Where we are required to provide data or other information to enable service planning or analysis of progress, for example to Department for Education, personal information will be removed where appropriate.

If you have any questions about the use of information about you or your child please do not hesitate to contact the SEN Assessment Team:

03330 142 903 or

[email protected]