Sharing Good Practice Examples of Person Centred Planning

Person Centred Planning is a family of approaches for discovering what is most important to a person / group and specifying the opportunities and support required to give them the best chance of experiencing what is most important. MAPs and PATHs are two Person Centred Planning processes that can be used with individuals, groups and organisations. Find out more information here

MAPs and PATHs are effective because they:

  • Create alliances.
  • Create a belief that positive change is possible.
  • Are creative.

    Examples of Practice:

    To support ‘sharing of good practice’ the following template has been produced to capture key information that the reader will need to allow them to a) gain an overview of the support / service / strategies / project that has been undertaken, b) understand the impact / difference this has made, c) identify how to find out further information. The headings and questions should be used as a guide and can be adapted for use. If you have an example of ‘good practice’ that you would like to share on the West Sussex Local Offer, please email them to [email protected].