Annual Review Paperwork / Forms

An Annual Review is a statutory requirement to review the Education, Health and Care Plan/Statement to ensure a child/young person is making progress toward their outcomes and receiving the provision in order to meet these.

We asked young people what they would change about their Annual Review?

Documents needed:

Annual Review documentation for parents, carers and young people
Guidance for completing Parent Booklet
Parent Booklet
Pupil's Views - Annual Review
Annual Review documentation for educational settings & Elective Home Education

We strongly recommend that you this before the Annual Review Meeting.

Early Years (0-5) Guidance and Setting and meeting report for years 0-5
Primary Guidance and Setting and meeting report for young people
Secondary and Post-16 Guidance and Setting and meeting report for young people 11-25

Further documentation for educational settings

Within 2 weeks of the meeting you must submit the paperwork online.

Before you begin to submit this information from the Annual Review meeting you will need to make sure you have all the reports/ views available to upload. Please check below for the paperwork you will need according to your type of setting. Once you have started the form there is no mechanism to “save” part way through. The starred parts of the form are mandatory and must be completed. When you have uploaded all the necessary information and pressed submit you will receive an immediate automated acknowledgement.

UPLOAD Annual Review Forms


If you need help:

If you need practical help with the completion of the Annual Review form please contact the Special Needs Officer for your area.

Examples of good practice

View more examples of good practice here.


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