Find Out About Co-Production Week / Monday 25th - Friday 28th March 2019

Local Offer Developments 2018

We have made changes to the site. These changes and fixes will be on-going so if you have any feedback then please email [email protected]!

What has changed...

A search bar has been added to the homepage of the Local Offer.


We asked you what you thought. You said this would be helpful if the overall search was improved. We have reviewed:

  • how filters are displayed;
  • what filters we were using; and
  • increased the number of 'key words'* associated to service summary cards.

    We hope these changes will be helpful. We did note, some feedback we received was that parent carers weren't familiar with using filters. We have looked across websites and this way of finding relevant items (e.g. shopping on amazon) is becoming increasingly more common.

    The Local Offer has a statutory requirement to contain helpful and useful information for families. Due to the wide range of special educational needs and/or disabilities, geography and provision 0-25 we must publish we have attempted to make this as clear as possible.

    We would strongly encourage you to try and play around with filters on the Local Offer.

    2) Displaying 'all' search results


    From the homepage of the Local Offer you said you weren't sure whether to go to services/events/information. With the changes you now don't need know but search results will be generated. The most relevant information pages will come up first, then services followed by events.

    3) Not found what you are looking for?


    Text has been added to the Local Offer. We hope that you find what you are looking for but it may be that the service you are looking for have chosen to not be on the Local Offer, the service has ceased to exist, you don't know what the name of the service is. If this is the case, please feel free to contact us so that we can support you in getting the support for you and your family!

    4) Introducing scenarios


    If users were new to the Local Offer they weren't sure where to start. We asked you what scenarios you felt would be useful. Based on all the feedback we received we tried to compile these into three most common scenarios.

    5)Improving information pages



    Whether you are a parent carer or work with families, the information you needed varied. Based on all your comments we have tried to make sense of this by re-organising the levels of information and making it more 'streamlined'. We hope this will improve the navigation of the website.

    *(Key words are words that services can add to best describe their offer to ensure when searching for information this can be pulled through. The Local Offer Officer has worked on adding these to services on the Local Offer.)


    We are aware we will need to continue to 'tweak' content and text. We were eager to share with you the changes and try to get further feedback in how this can move forward!

    We unfortunately lost some of the 'review' to information pages we had done. This did cause a delay in pushing changes to the site. We also therefore know... we have to go back and do the work again! I am the only West Sussex Local Offer Officer and I am trying to do what I can whilst working with all of you to hopefully make it easier for you to find the information you may need. If you don't find it though... please just get in-touch by emailing [email protected]!