Post-16 SEND Travel Assistance to school/college and Post-19 arrangements for Young Adult Learners with an EHCP

Page Updated: 10th May 2022

It is important for students and their parent/carers to consider how they will travel to school or college at Post-16, as in the majority of cases they will have to arrange and pay for transport themselves. Local Authorities do not have a statutory duty to provide free transport to school or college for students who are above compulsory school age (over 16 years of age, after the age of 16 a young person must be in education, employment or training). An application can be made and is subject to the eligibility criteria of the Post-16 Transport policy (listed in the supporting documents on the Post-16 travel website).

There is a contribution required for anyone 16 and over, which will be £700 for 2022 to 2023 the amount is reviewed annually. The contribution can be paid over 7 months starting in October. Those families on a low income who provide the relevant documentation do not need to pay. Schools/colleges have a 16-19 bursary which can be applied for which can help offset the costs of travel.

Applications can be made from May for September start. Applications can also be made during the year for an immediate start. A Post-16 application needs to be made every year.

The County Council also offers limited help with transport to young adult learners (aged 19 and above) with an EHCP. They must meet the same eligibility criteria for assistance with transport as students of sixth form age. If you have an existing social worker, please contact them to discuss whether assistance may be available. Those without a social worker should contact the Adults Services Carepoint on 01243 642121 or email [email protected] to discuss what help may be available.

Apply for Post - 16 Travel Assistance

Further details are in the Post-16 Transport Policy statement

You may also want to consider independent travel training.