Get help at work if you’re disabled or have a health condition (Access to Work Fund)

Page Updated: 25th August 2020

Access to Work Fund is money to help you work. It is available if you are offered or are in a paid job (including zero hour contracts and self-employed) or you are training to work (including Apprenticeships, Internships, Work Trials or Work Experience).

Funding, up to £59,200 can cover a wide range of things such as: taxi fares, equipment, job coach or supporter, interpreters, counselling, awareness training for colleagues, Notetakers, or software etc. There is no set amount for an Access to Work grant, and how much an individual receives depends upon their circumstances.

Access to Work Easy Read Guide here.

Applying for Access to Work on behalf of someone else - The DWP will need consent from the Applicant before they will talk to a third party. The Applicant will need to tell the DWP the name (and organisation if applicable) of the person they are giving consent for and what they are needing help with (the issue). Consent is not ‘open-ended’ and usually only lasts for the specific request or until the end of the assessment. This may mean the Applicant has to give their consent more than once.

Richard Lamplough from ‘A Potential Diamond’ has made a series of films for West Sussex County Council. The films will guide you through applying to the Access to Work fund.

Film 1: An Introduction (length 5 mins) Richard introduces why the films have been made and what’s to come in the series.

Film 2: Benefits (length 6.25 mins) | Richard recommends what you need to think about if you are on benefits and using the ‘Permitted Work’ rule.

Film 3: Who should make the application? (length 6.18 mins) | Richard outlines the role of a ‘key supporter’ in helping someone make an application.

Film 4: Key Supporters role at a Job Interview (length 12.13 mins) | Richard’s advice of the questions to ask at the interview and what Key Supporters can do to make the process as easy as possible.

Film 5: 95% Rule (length 4.24 mins) | Richard’s guide to help decide if Access to Work funding is worth applying for.

Film 6: Making a claim by telephone (length 7 mins) | Richard’s top tips for applying by phone (his preferred option.

Film 7: Making a claim online (length 15.52 mins) | Richard’s step-by-step guide to navigate the online application process.

Film 8: From Application to Support Plan (length 8.11 mins)

How to approach starting the job.

Film 9: Introducing the Support Plan (length 8.42 mins)

Covers what questions are Access to work likely to ask on the Support Plan.

Film 10: Finishing the Support Plan (length 16.21 mins)

Looking at 5 key areas of support, including travelling to work.

Film 11: Pricing the Support Plan (length 12.50 mins)

What costs make up a Support Plan including sourcing a Job Coach.

Film 12: Paperwork (length 18 mins)

How to complete the paperwork for Access to Work once you have an award.

If you need help applying for Access to Work funding and do not have anyone who can be your ‘Key Supporter’ then go to your local Job Centre and ask for help to get started.