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SEND Alternate Provision Survey

The West Sussex County Council is reviewing their current commissioning arrangements for SEND Alternative Provision in order to ensure and continue to develop appropriate provision. The survey is open until Tuesday 31st March 2020, please feel free to share this survey with any West Sussex SEND Alternative Provision Providers.

Definition of Alternate Provision:
For the purposes of this survey they are using the definition of alternative provision provided by the Department for Education as follows:
"education arranged by local authorities for pupils who, because of exclusion, illness or other reasons, would not otherwise receive suitable education; education arranged by schools for pupils on a fixed period exclusion; and pupils being directed by schools to off-site provision to improve their behaviour."

"Good alternative provision is that which appropriately meets the needs of pupils which required its use and enables them to achieve good educational attainment on par with their mainstream peers. All pupils must receive a good education, regardless of their circumstances or the settings in which they find themselves. Provision will differ from pupil to pupil, but there are some common elements that alternative provision should aim to achieve, including:

  • good academic attainment on par with mainstream schools – particularly in English, maths and science (including IT) – with appropriate accreditation and qualifications;
  • that the specific personal, social and academic needs of pupils are properly identified and met in order to help them to overcome any barriers to attainment;
  • improved pupil motivation and self-confidence, attendance and engagement with education; and
  • clearly defined objectives, including the next steps following the placement such as reintegration into mainstream education, further education, training or employment."
Why are they consulting?
They are consulting to:

  • further build on outstanding best practices;
  • review existing service specifications and contracts;
  • assess whether a framework to support the Special Educational Needs Assessment Team in consulting alternative provision options would be suitable;
  • ensuring we can deliver a timely service to children and young people; and
  • continue to meet an increase in demand needs for SEND Alternative Provision.

They are therefore asking providers to complete a questionnaire with some information about the services they offer. This information will be used by West Sussex County Council in order to better understand the local offer and support the development of the contract we have with providers.”

Take part in the survey

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