Coronavirus (COVID-19): information, advice and frequently asked questions

Coronavirus (COVID-19): National and Local Information and Guidance

UPDATED: Wednesday 2nd April 2020
Please do check back regularly as we are updating these pages daily as new information comes in.

We know this is a difficult time as families are adjusting to this new, temporary way of living. We hope that this page will be able to help by giving specific information that you need, tips and advice on how to help and support your child at home, and also answer any questions you may have.

If you know of any information or guidance that could be added to these pages, then please let us know by emailing [email protected]. Also, if you have any questions and cannot find the answer here, then please get in touch with us.

General information and guidance

Vicky Ford the Under Secretary of State For Children and Families has written an open letter to those with SEND and those who care for someone with SEND. You can download the letter here.

Information from Central Government

Information about First-teir Tribunals

More national information and support available

West Sussex Specific Information and Guidance:

Reaching Families and the West Sussex Parent Carer Forum have put together questions and answers based on the questions that families in West Sussex have been asking them over the last few weeks. As the organisations are made up of parent carers, they are fully aware of the difficulties these circumstances may bring, so have also included information, tips and advice that they have found helpful. They have adapted the support that they provide so that they can still help you during this time - information on this is included on this page.

WSCC have produced 'Tips for Families' and 'Tips for Schools' , each version can help when discussing the Coronavirus and well-being with children and young people.

The West Sussex SEN Assessment Team have provided an information for families document which has information relevant for those currently going through the EHC Needs Assessment process.

Whether you have a Compass Card or not, you may want to look at the relevant page on the Amaze - Compass Card site. They have gathered useful information to help you find things to do while Covid 19/Coronavirus is restricting our movements. Their page will be updated regularly.

West Sussex County Council have also produced Frequently asked Questions for schools, specific to this county.

Aspens have published a letter explaining changes to their service as well as a poster about their virtual Face to Face sessions.