Coronavirus (COVID-19): information, advice and frequently asked questions

Reaching Families and WSPCF FAQs

UPDATED: 22nd May 2020 This page will be updated as new information comes in, so do check back regularly.

Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions.

Below is a series of questions that many of those within the SEND community may be asking themselves during the current times. The information has been created by Reaching Families and West Sussex Parent Carer forum. Click the arrow to expand the box and see the answer to the question. This page is best viewed in google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. At the bottom of this page you can find a download for the Reaching Families and West Sussex Parent Carer FAQ's.

What are the rules on staying at home and away from others?

What is Coronavirus?

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

Should I go to the doctor if I have a temperature or cough?

What should I do if my child gets unwell during this time?

Am I or my child in a “vulnerable group”?

I need help or want to offer support, where can I go?

What should I do if I need to self-isolate?

In addition for my child with SEND/underlying medical condition, I also care for an elderly relative. What should I do?

Coronavirus is a real threat to vulnerable members of my family, should we consider an Advanced Care Plan or ReSPECT document for them?

Should I be asking my child’s doctor for additional medication for them at this time?

Should /can we stock up on personal protective equipment (PPE), hygiene products or over the counter medicine? Can GPs help as some shops are already empty?

My child has high anxiety/mental health issues and is very worried about the CV/Covid-19. What can I do to support them?

I have high anxiety/mental health issues of my own and I am getting very anxious about Coronavirus, what should I do/who can help me?

My child has an EHCP, can I send them to school or nursery? Will they receive all their EHCP provision?

My child attends an alternative provision (AP) school, are they still open?

My child is at college/further education setting, what is happening with them?

My child has a place with a residential provider, can they remain there?

My child is entitled to go to school (& has a confirmed place during this time), will they still be entitled to transport?

My child is going through EHC needs assessment but does not have a draft EHCP are they part of the priority group?

Can I request an EHC needs assessment at this time?

I’m worried we will be asked to provide some education or learning for our children whilst they are off school, but I wouldn’t know where to start?

Where can I go to get support to help keep my child safe online?

How long will schools be closed for?

If my child is eligible, is it compulsory for them to attend school?

I’m worried I won’t be able to cope if schools are shut for a long time. Who should I call?

What advice and support is there for Siblings of Children with SEND?

My child gets angry and can become violent, what can I do?

I’m worried about Domestic Violence, what can I do?

What support can we expect from Reaching Families and West Sussex Parent Carer Forum during this time?

If my child’s PA is symptom free, would they still be able to come and help/take my child out now schools are closed?

My child/young person struggles when out and about and I am worried that during this time we may be stopped by Police, what can I do?

What advice should I be giving to my child’s PA about self-isolating, whether they should still be working, etc.?

My child is due to have an Social Communication/Autism assessment or further assessment by a paediatrician in the Child Development Centre, will this go ahead?

My child has currently got therapy support or other appointments coming up. Will these still be going ahead?

Questions about money?

What is happening with Disability benefits – DLA & PIP – during this time?

My child would normally receive free school meals and I am worried about the extra costs of feeding my family when the schools are closed

Children and Family Centres

I am self-employed, what help am I entitled to?

I am an employee, what help am I entitled to?

Will my tax credits be affected if I am furloughed or working less hours during Coronavirus pandemic?

How will I pay my rent or my mortgage if I have to stop working?

How can I get food and essential items from the shops?

Download the Reaching Families and West Sussex Parent Carer Forum FAQ's Document