West Sussex Disability Register

What is the Disability Register?

West Sussex County Council collects information about children and young people age 0-25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to help plan and deliver their services. The register is maintained by the West Sussex Library Service.

Parents, carers and young people who share their information will be helping the County Council and other local agencies to have a better understanding of the needs of local children, young people and their families.

Who can sign up to the register?

Children and Young people between 0 and 25 years old who have a disability.

By a disability we mean:

  • Something that has a big effect on your day to day life

  • Every day things might take more time, effort, planning or support

  • You might need to do things differently or need more help than most other people your age

  • Something you live with for life or have had for a long time

    How can I, or someone I care for sign up to the register?

    You can sign Up for the Disability Register via the West Sussex Your Voice Website

    The form can be completed by a parent or carer on behalf of a child or young person, or anyone over the age of 12 can complete the form by themselves with help if needed.

    All the information we collect will be stored securely and any information shared will not include names or personal details of individual people, but just general anonymised data.

    The form needs to be completed for each person with SEND in a household or family, but it will only take about ten minutes to complete. We will be asking for contact details and information about education, travel, and health (including the name and address of your GP), but we don't need any detailed information.

    Are there other benefits to being on the Disability Register?

  • MAX Card - as a thank you for signing up for the Disability Register West Sussex County Council is providing the individual with a MAX Card. A max card will provide discounts on attractions and activities across England. To claim your card, you need to show your confirmation email you receive upon finishing registration to a member of the Library Service at your closest library.