Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS)

The Ethnic Minority & Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS) team support for:

• newly-arrived bilingual pupils/pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL);

• more advanced bilingual learners;

• BME pupils at risk of under-achievement; and

• GRT pupils at risk of under-achievement.

This includes: Advice and guidance:

• Effective use of interpreters and translators, First Language Assessments, engaging with ‘hard-to-reach’ families, developing an inclusive ethos.

• Support for parental and community engagement:

• Support for home-school visits, parental consultation, promoting bilingualism.

• Advice given to parents on the English education system and the importance of continuing to develop the home language.

Training: Bespoke provision, locality training, network group meetings and a termly newsletter. Further information can be found here on how to contact the team:

Current Provision as a Result of COVID-19 Pandemic

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic the EMTAS service has had to adapt so that they can continue to support those that need it. One way this is being done is through the development of recorded presentations and webinars around supporting learners education at home. The presentations have been developed by members of the team and will be available in a range of languages. Webinars are currently being developed as well as an area for them to sit within the Local Offer information section.