School Govenors

School Governor Training

A range of comprehensive training courses for governors and clerks are offered through the governors training programme. Most of the courses are free to governors and clerks in schools subscribing to the governance SLA. All central training courses are listed and booked via West Sussex Learning and Development Gateway.

Governor Services Central Training Programme

Full details of our training courses can be found on the attached along with a summary of each course and list of event dates and venue's.

Central Governor Training Programme 2016-17 Central Governor Training Programme 2017-18

Governing Body In-School Training

In-school training sessions for governors requiring more personalised training for whole governing bodies are also offered. The menu of sessions can be found on the attached list. To book please submit your requirements to [email protected]. Please note that under the Governor Services SLA 2016/17 all in-school sessions are chargeable. Please refer to the SLA documentation for full details.

Governors E-Learning (GEL)

Governor E-Learning (GEL) has been developed in partnership with Governance practitioners; its focus is on supporting Governors, Clerks and School Leaders to achieve ‘Effective School Governance’ that will drive school improvement to secure outcomes for children and young people. Governance and Clerking learning modules enable users to explore specific topics and reflect on their learning by taking a learning review test at the end of each one. Access to GEL is free of charge to all governors in schools subscribing to the Governance SLA. e-PD - Professional Development in Education (contact Sue Peters) e-PD is a non-profit organisation driven by Headteachers to coordinate and facilitate professional development through school partnerships.e-PD offers a growing range of professional development and support services, with the ability for subscribers to exchange credits for the training opportunities on offer. Further information can be found here: