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Lifelong Services (Life long)


We are currently creating a Lifelong Service for anyone that has a lifelong disability acquired before the age of 25 and or autism. The service is for people that require social care support either as a child and/or adult.

The vision of Lifelong Services is to provide a consistent approach to working in partnership with children, young people and adults with lifelong disabilities, autism and their families.

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What we do:

  • Lifelong Services will offer early intervention; build on an individual’s strength to develop skills and independence; promote and maintain safety and good health; and facilitate employment.
  • Lifelong Services will make the best use of public money, provide a more joined up and coherent experience for the people we work with and enable individuals to live a ‘good life’ as defined by them.
  • This involves developing a consistent approach across education, social care and health. We want to co-produce the service so if you are interested in being involved please Email: [email protected]
  • A Lifelong Services wiki has been designed with the aim of helping young people and those supporting them through their transition to adulthood. To view the wiki, please click on the website link on the right of this screen.
  • If you would like further information about Lifelong services please do email us

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