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AW Play therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses play to communicate and modify thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Children can explore and make sense of any past or current difficulties through the use of the play therapy tool-kit. Children may not know what their difficulties are and may find it difficult to verbalise problems, which is where play becomes a non-judgmental medium to allow a child to 'play-out' their difficulties.
Play therapy can be conducted in settings or privately.

What we do:

  • Play therapy involves non-directive and/or directive based play through a tool-kit. The tool-kit involves arts and crafts, sand play, puppets, music, games, dance/movement, talking, drama/role play, therapeutic stories and visualisation.
  • A parent or external referral can be made online/phone. An initial meeting will establish the most beneficial form of intervention; individual or group based, duration of 12/24+ weeks (1 per week), non-directive or directive depending on the referral.
  • Any child or adolescent can be referred. Diverse reasonings branching from minor educational or social difficulties to exposure or victim of severe trauma. Every child has a history and every child deserves a future that they are happy living.
  • Aileen Whelan - MSc Applied Child Psychology, Diploma in Play Therapy (Distinction), LV3 Counselling Amanda Woodhall - B.Soc.Sc Psychology, Certificate in Therapeutic Play, Annie Clarry - Certified Play Therapist and Creative Counsellor
  • Play therapy can be conducted in different settings and is accessible to all. Lots more information can be found on our website ( and we look forward to hearing from you.

Our users say:

Aileen's passion for the job was inspiring and she made a big difference to the school and the children’s lives that she worked with. We saw a marked improvement in the children’s previous difficulties and we cannot recommend her enough; Mrs Bourne, SENCo

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Age Range: 3–16

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