Young Carers Family Service: support for siblings caring for their brother(s) and sister(s)


A sibling young carer is a child or young person under 18 who is impacted by significant caring responsibilities at home for a sibling that has a disability, has been ill for a long time, has a learning disability or has a problem linked to drugs or alcohol. The cared for sibling must have a formal diagnosis (referrals for siblings on a pathway or with an EHCP with no formal diagnosis will not be accepted).

What we do:

  • The sibling carer must have significant caring responsibilities in relation to the cared for sibling, ie: Physical - personal care, lifting, feeding, washing and dressing Emotional - witnessing emergency medical interventions or traumatic events
  • Provide specialist young carer assessments and information, advice and support for parents.
  • Advocacy and coordination of support with different agencies.
  • Counselling/play therapy for the young carer.
  • Local young carer groups, regular activity days and time out with groups of young carers. Help to access activities and clubs in local areas.

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Age Range: 0–17

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