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Our alternative provision service provides 1-1 sessions for young people. Based at Wisborough Green just outside Billingshurst we provide tailored sessions to meet the young persons specific requirements and learning outcomes. Working with the horses and learning to care for them will develop many transferable skills, which we will encourage the young person to use in other environments as well. We encourage parents or carers to stay on site and support the young person in their learning.

What we do:

  • We provide Therapeutic Horsemanship to those who find school difficult. Playing with horses on the ground they will have fun and learn some new ways to think about things. We make sure that the participants experience a feeling of success.
  • For our alternative learning provision we will offer as many sessions as required by the referring school. Sessions can be one or two hours long and are delivered during the school day. The young person will need to be brought to us.
  • We use the process of learning skills with the horses to develop transferable skills such as emotional regulation. A key to our work is for the young person to begin to feel successful in one area of their lives and so begin to try other new things.
  • We always have two facilitators on site . We are trained to a high standard both in delivering our Therapeutic Horsemanship program and horse handling to ensure everyone gets the most out of the session.
  • You can meet the team, both human and horses and see more of what we do on our website www.equine-partners.co.uk. If you would like to play pony pool or pony obstacle course give us a call.

Our users say:

•'I would recommend it. Spending time with the horses helps with problems at home and anywhere else. They teach you and show you lots of cool and helpful things that really work'.

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Age Range: 6–99

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07739 359 213

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Wisborough Green,
Nr Billingshurst,
RH14 0DX


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  • Posted by grainne on 20 Oct 16 10:43

    A small group of parents went for a trial session at Equine Partners earlier in the summer. There is no horse riding involved but lots of activity based around working in a field directly with specially trained horses. Despite being slightly nervous of horses I felt totally supported by the staff and guided in small steps to overcome some of my anxieties. The staff are very skilled at what they do; I can see that they have great skills in supporting young people (especially) overcome personal anxieties, communicate, bond and reform key relationships, and better their self-esteem and well-being. The horses are a key part of the work and I learnt a lot about myself and the people I was with. Left with a renewed sense of well being and balance. Thank you.