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Springboard (Short Breaks Provider)


Due to Covid-19 all face to face services have been suspended

The Springboard Project offers group based short breaks services for disabled children, teenagers and young adults aged 0 to 25 years in Horsham, Crawley and Worthing.
Springboard Houses in Horsham and Crawley are accessible, inclusive and open for stay and play for all

pSpringboard is a Short Break provider

What we do:

  • 0-6s - Family group for under 6's with a disability. Runs twice a month on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings in Horsham/Crawley.
  • 6-12s - Play and activities for disabled children ages 6 to 12. Term time Saturday club and school holiday scheme in Horsham, Crawley and Worthing.
  • 12-18s - Social activities for disabled young people ages 12 to 18. Term time weekday evenings and school holiday scheme in Horsham and Crawley.
  • 18-25s - Social activities for young adults with a disability. Monthly evenings in Horsham and Crawley
  • Stay and play and learn family membership. Our centres in Horsham is open 10 to 5 Monday to Friday term time (School holiday opening varies).

Our users say:

'Saturday/holiday clubs provide much needed respite for us as parents......It's also great for meeting other parents of children with additional needs'. 'We love it here, our family have so much fun making lots of special memories'

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Age Range: 0–25

Wheelchair Accessible?

Free to use?

Requires an application to be completed

Contact Details

01403 218 888


Springboard House,
52 Hurst Road,
RH12 2EP


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  • Posted by luke.woodjetts on 07 May 20 16:13

    Hi Luke and everyone at Springboard,

    We cannot thank you enough for your daily chats with C during this very difficult time this has been amazing for all of us, but more so for him.

  • Posted by luke.woodjetts on 01 May 20 10:29

    'Thanks to all of the Springboard team for all you are doing just now to support and keep in touch with families. It's great you are offering some live virtual sessions, unfortunately the social communication difficulties W and A experience mean this don't work for them, however it's wonderful way for other young people to remain connected with yourselves. Thanks also for forwarding information you are receiving to the parents / carers, it's much appreciated. '

  • Posted by luke.woodjetts on 01 May 20 10:26

    'H loves going to Springboard and Springboard is great for H! Being a wheelchair user and loving technology, H would spend (given a choice) all his free time playing on his iPad, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Wii and watching TV. So, Springboard gives H the opportunity of doing other things like playing with the other children and the volunteers, imaginative play with the dinosaurs, going to the cinema, going bowling, building Lego, baking, making smoothies, playing and relaxing in the sensory room, etc.

    Springboard has always been great with H. H’s speech is limited and very unclear (he sometimes uses his iPad to communicate) and he needs help with his personal care, feeding, drinking, etc. The staff at Springboard are well trained, very friendly, patient and caring. I always know he is in good hands when he goes there.'

  • Posted by luke.woodjetts on 01 May 20 10:23

    'Sadly I think the time has come for J and our family to say farewell to springboard. He has changed so much over the past year or so and we have used the services less and less. J has grown so much in confidence and is exceeding all our expectations at school. He is turning into a very caring and compassionate young man who we are so very proud of. Springboard has played a big part in his growing up and has helped us so much as a family. J has had so much fun with everyone over the years and I’m sure he will be remembered for being crazy, happy and carefree ............

    If I’m honest it wouldn’t surprise me if he wanted to come and volunteer himself in the future.'

  • Posted by luke.woodjetts on 01 May 20 10:21

    'Thank you so much for all Springboard did for us. It was great to have the support and reassurance you provided us with when A was first diagnosed.'

  • Posted by luke.woodjetts on 01 May 20 10:21

    'Many thanks for looking after L, he really enjoys his time at Springboard.'

  • Posted by luke.woodjetts on 01 May 20 10:20

    "You are so understanding of our children's needs and are also supporting us as a family more than any other organisation ever would. Thank you so much. :)"

  • Posted by luke.woodjetts on 01 May 20 10:19

    We have been amazingly lucky to be involved with Springboard for many years. Through Homestart we were able to access Sprigboards Stay and Play sessions for free. It was just brilliant to have a safe and free place to play when we were going through a tough time as a family. It is a brilliant location to play with friends and we used to regularly attend. This was prior to the days of my son having a diagnosis but whilst I was aware he had additional needs. Springboard has always been a safe haven for us - a place we can play, meet friends and most importantly a place where we knew we could play safely and my son couldn't escape. We were thrilled when we moved back to Horsham and were not only able to play again at Springboard but also to sign up to the 6 to 12's. My son had loved the days our he has been able to access that we would struggle to do as a family but most of all he loves the opportunity to play at Springboard. He has made friends at Springboard and we love the fact he has somewhere he can play safely with people who get him. A place to play without judgement. As a family Springboard has given us much needed respite. An opportunity to do something with our other children that we would otherwise struggle to do. Our son has had some many opportunities from being a member at Springboard and we are beyond grateful for what it has offered him. Without Springboard our family would be in a very different place emotionally. Springboard gives us time to refresh and face things again with new energy. The opportunity to have some head space and review where we are at. We would be at a total loss without these breaks. We have really appreciated the new Family Fun Days. It's been so great to have an event that we can all attend as a family without the stares and looks. An opportunity to meet others and network with people who get our life. Since receiving a diagnosis for our daughter we have also started attending 0-6's. It's been fantastic to have an activity to attend at the weekend, that we can also bring siblings to, and a place where we can all safely play. Its also been amazing to meet new friends and get to know others in a similar position. We are so grateful for the variety of opportunities and support that we have received from springboard.

  • Posted by luke.woodjetts on 01 May 20 10:18

    “I just wanted to thank you and your team for all you do!! Frank absolutely loves going out with you all and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having a break! You are all wonderful stars xx”

  • Posted by localoffer on 17 Feb 17 10:19

    "Grasshoppers Saturday club at Springboard crawley has a 1 year waiting list but I have been told by parents it is more like 2 years. All down to funding of the staff. Shame." Feedback left via the feedback plugin and the posted by the Local Offer Officer.

  • Posted by localoffer on 21 Nov 16 08:56

    "My son went to grasshoppers and then onto buddies, and it was a fantastic resource for him and my family. Opportunities to socialise for children with special needs can be hard to come by, but these groups provide that. It is an invaluable resource and so important. Our children deserve to have fun and meet up with friends, and this can be so difficult due to different needs. They run the risk of becoming isolated if they don't get to access the scheme that springboard offers.

    It is also great for the families of these children to have a very much needed break whilst safe in the knowledge their child is being cared for and having fun.

    Hopefully a group for adults will be set up as these needs don't stop when a young person turns 18. The staff and volunteers are fantastic. My son now sees a lot of them as his friends and it is lovely when we are out and about, if we see them they always stop and have a chat. Something small maybe, but it isn't to him. It makes him feel valued and happy."

    This comment has been left via the feedback button and has been posted by the Local Offer Officer.

  • Posted by localoffer on 12 Sep 16 15:54

    This comment has been posted by the Local Offer Officer as it was left anonymously via the Feedback plugin.

    "Springboard project is a lifeline in the school holidays. My kids are safe and happy. They get to experience fun days out."

  • Posted by ally1965 on 05 Sep 16 14:39

    My daughter has been going to buddies at Springboard for a couple of years. She loves it, it has given her confidence to go to different places. She looks forward to every outing as she knows she gets support. Best project out there.

  • Posted by thecoplestons on 27 Apr 16 21:23

    My son has been going to Grasshoppers at Springboard for about six months now. He absolutely loves it there, he looks forward to going with no anxiety at all. The staff are brilliant at engaging with the kids and my son always comes home tired (!) and happy.

  • Posted by grainne on 07 Apr 16 12:23

    Buddies Horsham is just fab! My 12 year old loves the activities that she can choose to do. The volunteers that come and support are brilliant as well as all Springboard staff. She has just started Buddies after a long gap since Bunnyhoppers and is enjoying seeing friends from that time as well as slowly making new ones. The safe small steps towards independence have been great for us all and Buddies helps her work towards her own personal goals having fun along the way. She is fearful and anxious about some new things but the welcome, preparation, support and encouragement she gets from Buddies have helped re-enforce the 'I can do it if I try!' message for her. Thank you Buddies.

  • Posted by bashford00 on 22 Mar 16 12:33

    I started taking my daughter to Bunnyhoppers in Horsham when she was 4. At that time we rarely went out as a family because it was so difficult. Now my daughter is nearly 10 and has been going on outings and fun days in with Crawley grasshoppers for nearly 5 years. They provide us with much needed respite and my daughter with new experiences, fun and care. The volunteers and staff are all fantastic. I just wish there were more places like Springboard as we have to travel to get there.

  • Posted by ssutton on 04 Jun 15 20:26

    My daughter has been going now to Springboard for the past 6 years or so. She is now in Buddies and we are very grateful to Springboard, the organisers and all the fantastic volunteers who make it so much fun and are prepared to take our children out into the world for new experiences!!

  • Posted by duffy01 on 03 Jun 15 22:03

    My daughter has been going for a couple of years and really enjoys her time with Grasshoppers. They go on some brilliant day trips in the holidays and the Saturday clubs give her the opportunity to play with other children with additional needs in the area, which is more important now as she no longer goes to school in the county. The staff and volunteers are fantastic.

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