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Compass Card West Sussex


Compass Card West Sussex – a free leisure discount card for 0 to 25 year olds with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND), which is run by local charity Amaze.


What we do:

  • There are usually 300+ places across Sussex and beyond that provide Compass Card discounts - including free swimming and gym at K2 and discounts on soft play, farms, theatre shows and cafes. Offers are returning thick and fast post-lockdown.
  • To keep fully up to date, download our free Compass Card West Sussex app for your iPhone or Android smartphone. Just search ‘Compass Card’ in the Apple App Store or in Google Play – and make sure you download the West Sussex version.
  • Registrations for Compass Card West Sussex are open for 0-25s with SEND that has a big effect on daily life (eligibility until 25th birthday), who are living or going to school in West Sussex or under the care of West Sussex Social Services.
  • To apply register through our website.
  • Amaze manages 'The Compass', West Sussex County Council’s ‘disability register’ for 0-25s and it’s joining the register that will entitle children and young people with significant additional needs to Compass Card West Sussex.

Our users say:

“I can’t stress how much it has improved our quality of life. It’s given us one.” “We are loving the Compass Card scheme, it is allowing us to experience so many more places that we couldn’t normally afford. Thank you so much.”

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Age Range: 0–25

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Contact Details

03001 239 186



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  • Posted by localoffer on 21 Nov 16 08:32

    "The compass card had proved a wonderful way of myself, my husband and my son being able to get out and try new activities. There are suggestions i may have not thought of and the app is fantastic and easy to use. It is not always easy to get out and about and this is a good way of trying new things without breaking the bank especially if the visits aren't always successful!! It also is well recognised by the companies involved.I am looking forward to many more adventures!" This feedback has been left anonymously via the 'feedback' button and then posted by the Local Offer Officer.

  • Posted by grainne on 20 Oct 16 10:30

    I signed my daughter up for a Compass Card linked to her library card at the start of the summer. We use it most by going to the library and I like that people recognise and seem to know what a Compass Card when we use it. The librarians are very kind and totally unprompted proactively give her help and support because of her Compass Card. On first glance you may not know my daughter might need help and the Compass Card removes the need to explain and ask. Very helpful!

    There are some difficult questions on the application form to complete. But because the Compass card is linked to the children and young peoples Disability Register for West Sussex, lack of services can be recognised and this could help in the longer term plug gaps and improve things. As another comment said; Be as honest as you can and write notes on the form as way of giving feedback!

  • Posted by gingernuts.hunt on 12 Oct 16 11:11

    I applied for a compass card for my 2 boys with additional needs. The form looks lengthy and did to start off with put me off, but once i got on with it i had both completed within half an hour. Some information I found a little bit hard to narrow down to the choices given but just wrote a small note next to it. Other than that it was fine. There was an area on the form that asked what was missing for you locally service wise. This was an area i was particularly interested in completing. I feel the more that this is identified the better all round.

    I chose to have my library cards attached to my Compass Cards and this works really well and i love the fact you dont need 2 separate cards. The Compass Card actually worked in my local library when their systems were down!! I was impressed.

    I visited 2 separated places over the summer period where i got some money off due to the Compass Card. the fobs on your key are great so that if you only go out with your phone and card (the times when you dont need a bag) your card is on your keys. Great idea for busy on the go parents!

    Im using my cards regularly with no problems at all and as im signed up i get notifications of new places, offers and deals. I would recommend this scheme to my parent carer friends.

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