Branching Out - Social Communication and Behaviour Management


Branching Out develops individualised teaching programmes for children and teenagers with a focus on social communication and behaviour management. Each child will be assigned a consultant who will oversee the programme and develop the teaching curriculum, training is provided for caregivers and or tutors implementing the programme, one to one sessions with the consultant can be provided if required.

What we do:

  • Branching out teach a range of different social communication and behaviour management skills including (but not limited to) conversation skills, advanced language skills, social rules, understanding other people's perspectives, emotional regulation.
  • Each child will be assigned a consultant who will run workshops training caregivers and or tutors to implement the teaching or conduct one to one teaching sessions. They will provide a report after workshop and continue to supervise the programme.
  • The services are beneficial for any child or teenager requiring additional teaching to understand the complex social world. Such as an individual with high functioning ASD or Aspergers or a typically developing child requiring social skills development.
  • With a degree in Psychology and over six years experience in Applied Behaviour Analysis the programme applies the theoretical principles and knowledge to teach the fundamental foundation to develop skills in order to become an independent social learner.

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Age Range: 3–16

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Woolmer Hill,
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