Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) (Social Care)


MASH is the single point of contact for all safeguarding concerns regarding children and young people in West Sussex, and includes front door access for Early Help.

You can contact via phone, email or complete an online form on the West Sussex County Council website.

What we do:

  • Research information held on professional databases to inform decisions.
  • Continuing to provide support to professionals working in Early Help. Especially identifying families who need key working services, and family network responses.
  • Providing a secure and confidential environment for professionals to share information.
  • Identifying low–level repeat referrals which taken in isolation may not appear concerning, but do when the child’s journey is reviewed.
  • You can call or complete an online form to request support. If you think a child is in immediate danger, call the police on 999.

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Age Range: 0–18

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01403 229 900

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  • Posted by localofferws on 22 Mar 21 14:26

    Posted by Local Offer on behalf of an anonymous commenter: 'Best avoided, they have a blanket approach expecting courts to resolve issues. Do not investigate properly leaving children in emotionally damaging situations. Avoid Mash and cafcass. Check out Nyas (National Youth Advocacy Service) far better.'

  • Posted by jacky on 28 Jan 17 08:08

    MASH is hopeless. Us adopters are supposed to use this as first port of call when we need help, as you can imagine the word safeguarding puts the woollies up us!!!! Plus I'm aware of many adopters who call and mash have no idea who to signpost to

  • Posted by peterandlouise on 27 Jan 17 18:26

    Mash are an utter waste of time and a compleate dissapointment ! Two of my special needs children were ref here 3 times last year and im still waiting allmost a year later ! Absolutely useless.