The Blues Busters


The Blues Busters is a Youth project based in Chichester and was set up to help young people aged between 11-25.The Corner stone of the BB project is a youth club, where young people can meet safely, hang out, make friendships, be supported and have fun with others and look into a positive future. As a youth club, we believe that every child/Young person has a right to feel safe and that no young person should be lonely and left alone with negative feeling and with problems they face in life.

What we do:

  • We provide a relaxed service where young people are allowed to relax and interact with one another in an positive, non-judgemental enviroment. We also have a games console which we allow young people to use when they'd like to.
  • Mentoring- We provide a peer-mentoring service for young people who would benefit from this, this is for young people aged between 16-18. Ours peermentors have a total of 4 years experience.
  • Trips and events- We provide a various amount of trips and activities throughout the year, with Last year taking a trip to Brighton Sea life centre as well as a trip to West Witterings and Bognor beach.
  • We have recently introduced Tai Chi into our youth club sessions, which is a form of relaxation aswell as a form of self defence. Our instructor has many years of experience and teaches several classes as well.
  • Sessions cost £1 per person to help towards the additional costs of running the club.

Our users say:

'One of the best youth clubs ever' 'A great place to have fun, make new friends and look towards a positive future'

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Age Range: 16–25

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Contact Details

07933 598 275


The Lodge,
Graylingwell Park,
PO19 6YS


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