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National Autistic Society (NAS) - Horsham Club (Short Break provider)


The National Autistic Society Horsham Club is open to all children and young people with autism and Asperger syndrome between the ages of 5-18. Tuesdays 5.30pm – 7.30pm, cost £5 per session. Children and young people who attend our club enjoy a wide variety of fun activities in a safe, structured and autism friendly environment.

pNAS is a Short Break provider

What we do:

  • The NAS autism specific activities will provide a valued short break and a safe and positive environment for all children where their autism will be understood and integrated into everyday practice.
  • The NAS Horsham Club will enable families to have a respite-type service throughout the year. In addition, children will be able to enjoy their time away from parents with a service that is tailored around their autism needs.
  • Children attending the NAS activities will be provided with autism specific activities: social communication, social interaction, imaginative play and sensory to support the development of confidence and boost self esteem.
  • The club activities will enable children with autism to meet other children with autism and their families within a friendly environment. This will help them improve their social skills, improve their communication needs and learn new life skills
  • All activities will include verbal and visual communication, visual schedules, individual support where needed, structured approaches and predictability.

Our users say:

My son's social skills and confidence have improved greatly since attending the club. He has also made some good friends who understand him. My son has NO friends, he has now made friends here and feels safe! His self esteem is also slowly growing.

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Age Range: 5–18

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    This service has received a 10 out 10 through our feedback button!