Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment Information and Links to Apply

UPDATED: 21st June 2023

Poster contain the following text: We strongly recommend that your read the Ordinarily Available Inclusive Practice page and related document. This lays out approaches to supporting children and young people in Early Years settings, Schools and Post 16 education settings, click here to go to the OAIP page

If you are a parent or carer (with parental responsibility) or a young person aged 16 or over you are able to make a request for Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment.

We strongly advise you read the further information below before making your request and you discuss the request with your child/young person’s current education provider.

You can make a request by emailing SENAT directly, please include the following information where appropriate:

  • Child/ Young Person Name.
  • Child / Young Person Date of Birth.
  • Child / Young Person Home Address.
  • For parent or carer (with parental responsibility) only:

  • Parent/Carer Name.
  • Parent/Carer Home Address if different.
  • Parent/Carer Contact details including email/ telephone.
  • For all requests:

  • Social worker Contact details if appropriate.
  • Name of Education setting on roll of/attending or other educational arrangement.
  • Reason for request: including why your child or young person has or may have special educational needs, and why may be necessary for special educational provision to be made for the child/young person through the issuing of an EHC plan.
  • Attach any evidence (for example; evidence identifying Special Educational Need from an appropriate professional) you may wish to be considered by the Local Authority.
  • Please email this to the Request's team box: [email protected]

    Please note if you are a setting (for example a school) there is a different application form that you must complete.
    You can find more information on the Local Offer web page:
    Settings applying for an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA / EHCP) forms and paperwork

    Questions & Answers about EHCNA and Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

    What should I do before I apply for an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCNA?)

    It is very important you discuss any intention to request an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment with your educational provider before you make the application. They will be asked to provide information about you and how they currently meet your needs. Good practice dictates that applications of this type will be made jointly between the parent/carer or young person and their education provider.

    Please also ensure you review the Guidance and Criteria for Requests for Education Health & Care needs assessments BEFORE you apply.

    I need support to request for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Who can help me?

    If you need help considering this document or help with an application you can contact Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support (SENDIAS) Service (an impartial information, advice and support service) on:

    They can also help getting your concerns across, or support in accessing mediation or appealing to the SEN Tribunal Service.

    The SENDIAS Service have produced a range of informative webinars on a range of topics. One of these is about the EHCNA Process. Watch the webinar on the SENDIAS Service website

    After you apply:

    Timescales: How long should an EHC Needs Assessment take?

    What happens if I don’t agree with the outcomes for my child?

    If there is anything that you are confused about or do not agree with, you can phone SENAT and speak to your Planning Coordinator. You can ask for a meeting to discuss your concerns if you think that would help.

    You can also phone the SEND Information, Advice and Support Service for impartial advice on anything you don’t understand at any time. The SENDIAS provides information, advice and support for parents and, if needed, they will direct you to a separate organisation to support a young person.

    For more information about the process following a request for and EHC needs assessment visit the West Sussex County Council website